House Logs


We manufacture our house logs on a Lathe. Lathed logs are symmetrical from one end to the other. We are able to leave some taper as requested for some custom orders.

The range of sizes we offer are: 8” to 24” in diameter to 24’ to 32’ in length, depending on the diameter.

We commonly use Ponderosa Pine. Fir and Spruce are offered as material if available.

Our house logs are available natural or treated. We offer ripping into half rounds, saddle notching, Machine Peel/Hand Peel and Dadoeing. Our logs are used for log replacement in log homes, accents, interior and exterior areas such as an entryway.  The Dadoeing can be used for door jamb covers or for covering steel or dimensional wood post, such as in an office building or Restaurants.



A hand-peel finish gives a “rustic” look (left side of sample board) with either bark on or off the finished log.  The two finishes on the left of the sample board have some bark remaining and will have natural taper.

hand scraped finish example of round stock

Hand Peeled Log

round stock shipment

Bundle of 8" house logs

architectural house logs
house logs used as decorative ceiling beams in church

Our house logs are used for many design upgrades and accent areas. House logs can add a rustic touch to a painted wall, ceiling braces, add accents to a deck or roof line. We can manufacture door jamb covers that have that round rustic look as well.

Our lathing process starts with a raw log, we lathe the log to the required dimention usually 8” or larger for house logs.

rathdrum idaho wood mill house log in machine
rathdrum idaho wood mill with worker
lodgepole pine machine process to house logs
lodgepole pine house log machine process
lodgepole pine house log machine stripping log
house logs lodgepole pine process